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I Love Bacon
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Ironic Times
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Mark Fiore

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BBspot "Your spot for tech humor and the best links daily"
Bizarreville "Whimsy, satire, irreverent humor and hijinx from a place not so far away"
Chortler "The greatest English-language satire in the history of Budapest"
Funny and Jewish "Choice Humor for Chosen People"
The Derisive Duck "A satirical newspaper updated weekly"
Geek Press "Technology news, shaken not stirred"
Glossy News "Losing money, but in tremendous volume"
The Hammer "Canada's favorite tool"
HumorFeed "Enjoy the freshest cuts of news satire"
Humor Volcano "Where annoying facts don't get in the way of a good story"
Internet Weekly "The world's number one weekly weblog"
Junk Bros News "No brains required"
LaLa Times "Everything absurd under the sun"
Liberal Oasis "Where the Left is right and the Right is wrong"
Mad Kane "Madeleine Begun Kane, humor columnist, is raising kane"
My Satirical Side "Deflect the frustration, pain and sorrow"
News Mutiny "News your mother would be proud of"
Perplexing Times "The son of a struggling satirist and a redhead"
Random Perspective "News satire and other humour"
Satire and Comment "Satire news and serious headlines"
Studio 8 "We beat the pants off other comedy sites & then wear those pants"
The Washington Fancy "Your leading misleading source for politics"
The Watley Review "Journalism, shmournalism"

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Humor Times
I Love Bacon
Ironic Times
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Linky & Dinky
Mark Fiore
National Public Radio
The New Republic
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Charlie Rose
A Skewed View
The Smirking Chimp
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What Is USA
Whitehouse Countdown

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