Desperate Houseflies

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Desperate Houseflies Episode Guide

Episode 1: It's a typically perfect day on Diphtheria Lane... except, of course, that Mary Alice has committed suicide

Episode 2: Susan had always been a bit of a jerk-magnet

Episode 3: The girlfriends deal with Mary Alice's suicide

Episode 4: Sometimes Gabrielle likes sex in dangerous places

Episode 5: Lynette's children have a discipline problem

Episode 6: Susan and Edie always compete for the attention of eligible bachelors

Episode 7: Bree tries to spice up her love life with Rex

Episode 8: Lynette tries extreme measures to relieve her stress

Episode 9: Edie finds her way to the Philadelphia Eagles' locker room

Episode 10: Gabrielle's mother-in-law moves in

Episode 11: Lynette's kids are excited about their first school play

Episode 12: Tonight's episode has been pre-empted by Desperate Monoliths

Episode 13: Gabrielle's affair with the garden fly is wearing him out

Episode 14: Bree and Rex are always supportive at their son's soccer games

Episode 15: Susan tries not to be over-protective of her daughter

Episode 16: Susan and Edie are out for a night on the town

Episode 17: Susan may have a secret admirer

Episode 18: Rex confesses his fantasy to Bree

Episode 19: To make ends meet, Gabrielle tries reviving her career as a model

Episode 20: Susan and Mike finally get together

Episode 21: Julie catches a news flash on television

Episode 22: Tonight's episode has been pre-empted by Desperate Housewines

Episode 23: Lynette tries to plan a little "vacation"

Episode 24: Sign language for hearing-impaired flies

Episode 25: Susan's life is more complicated since her mother moved in

Episode 26: What Desperate Houseflies want for Mother's Day

Episode 27: George discovers courting Bree is more complicated than he thought

Episode 28: Paul tries to shield Zack from the truth

Episode 29: The following takes place between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.

Episode 30: The Great Debate: Then and Now

Episode 31: Happy 4th of July from Diphtheria Lane

Episode 32: Susan can't wait for summer to end

Episode 33: Emmy acceptance speech for flies

Episode 34: Morty's relationship with Sophie takes an unexpected turn

Episode 35: Will the slaughter never end?

Episode 36: Bree convinces George to take a lie detector test

Episode 37: Edie confides with Gabrielle about some health concerns

Episode 38: Lynette's children love Halloween

Episode 39: The truth about the new neighbors is exposed

Episode 40: Happy Thanksgiving from Diphtheria Lane

Episode 41: Susan describes her holiday shopping nightmare to Edie

Episode 42: George was never much of a ladies' man

Episode 43: Lynette arranges a break from watching the kids

Episode 44: Good news from the scientific community

Episode 45: Strange goings on

Episode 46: Andrew flaunts his homosexuality

Episode 47: This week's episode pre-empted again

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