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The Specious Report 2005

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 Paris Hilton Not Killed in Car Crash; Nation Mourns
Grokster Switches to Automatic Weapons Distribution
Bush Appoints Dinty Moore Avian Flu Czar

PBS to Air "Twentieth Century House" Mini-Series

What to Do in the Event of a Disaster
Bush Declares Mission Accomplished in New Orleans

 Ways to Use Your 2005 Leap Second

Last American Racist Sentenced to Prison
Majority of Race Fans Now Have Majority of Their Teeth

 President Bush's iPod: The Complete Playlist

Ferrante Mauled by Steinway; Teicher: 'Don't Blame the Piano'
 Coin Collectors Divided over New Bush Half-Penny

 Bush Twins' T-Mobile Sidekick Hacked
 Paris Hilton Files for Patent on "That's Hot"
N. Korea Confesses; Other Evil Countries Come Forward
Toy World Shocked by Action Figure Abduction in Iraq

 Iraqis Vote to Keep Blowing the Holy Crap Out of Each Other
 Sri Lanka Pledges $35M in Aid to U.S. Victims of Aniston-Pitt Catastrophe
Presidential Inauguration Marred by Bush Appearance

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