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Saturday Night Dead

Dogs Playing Poker v2.0
The Evolution of Wal-Mart's Corporate Logo
Are You a Winter Blogger?
Found Satire: What Conservatives Want to Know
Bitter and Bitterer

Air Guitar Collection a Total Lost in Garage Fire
Shemp Fans Boycott Curly Fries

President Bush Phones to Congratulate US Airways Pilot Chesley Sullenberger
Bush Places Sixth Among All U.S. Presidents
How to Wipe Using One Sheet of Toilet Paper
Twenty Ways The Specious Report Is Like The Onion
What You'll Do for Valentine's Day
Vandalizing Robert Frost's Home On A Snowy Evening
Cheney Hospitalized; Bush Briefly Takes Over as President
Current Events Quizzler: Bush Tackles Oil
Super Tuesday Exit Polls Provide Insight into National Mood
Study Touts Health Benefits of Being Overweight
China's General Secretary Replaced by More Photogenic Stand-In
Why Audiences Are Flocking to See Sex and the City
New Scott McClellan Memoir Highly Critical of First Scott McClellan Memoir
John McCain Proposes Tax Holiday for Cindy McCain
Popeye Called Before House Investigation Hearings
Beatles Song Beamed into Space Invites Armageddon
Wyoming to Rest of U.S.: Oh Yeah? Well Screw You Too!
Sweet, Delicious Corn Wins Both Iowa Caucuses
'Kramer' Signed to Fill Imus Time Slot

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