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The Specious Report: 2001-2009

Begun by Dale McFarland as a political humor blog in October of 2001, The Specious Report was re-launched as a news satire website in 2002.

The early Specious Report distinguished itself from other fake news sites in that, besides running authentic-sounding stories, the individual pages parodied the designs of various legitimate online sites (with logos altered to read "Business Weak" or "The Wall Street Urinal" for example).

The site's content was occasionally mistaken for truth. But unlike most satirists, McFarland preferred readers to know the stories were meant to be humorous. With few exceptions, the page parodies were discontinued in 2003 after a spoof of Natalie Maines' apology (for an anti-Bush remark she made in London) was widely circulated as her actual statement, with excerpts even being repeated by Susan Sarandon on the April 8 broadcast of The View.

On April Fools Day 2007, the third incarnation of The Specious Report was launched, becoming "a community-driven platform for Citizen Satirists" and, for the first time, McFarland began publishing work from other established satirists, also encouraging readers to contribute their own efforts. Content was expanded to include video and audio submissions.

In 2009, McFarland suspended publication and retired to pursue his one true love, pickling and preserving, but was tragically killed in a cucumber accident one year later.

All original content on The Specious Report © Dale McFarland  Political Satire  Redistribution limited to excerpts for non-commercial use only.