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Bush Places Sixth Among All U.S. Presidents

President George W. Bush Washington, DC  |  President George W. Bush is once again among the "top ten" American Presidents on the prestigious list published annually by The National Institute for Alphabetization.

For the seventh consecutive year, the President was just edged out by his father, George H. W. Bush, who appears in fifth place on the elite register of only 42 names.

"The final compilation is validated by our Board of Regents, although we do encourage public input," said NIA comptroller Abe Zedman. "Controversy is not unusual. For instance, this year we received numerous emails insisting the President should be closer to the top. But people often forget about Chester A. Arthur and James Buchanan."

Zedman added, "The NIA index is certainly not carved in stone. But, considering the current roster of candidates, I must believe President Bush's legacy is secure for at least the next five years."

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