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4th of July

Happy Independence Day

Washington, DC  |  The Fourth of July is a day for picnics and patriotic parades, a night for concerts and fireworks, and an occasion to display the American Flag. It's also a time for sober reflection.

The following inspirational poem is well-known, although its author is anonymous. It has often been quoted - and misquoted - over the decades. Some may even call it a bit sentimental or old-fashioned in an age of iPods and blogospheres. But we think it's worth reprinting on this, our Nation's birthday. Happy Independence Day!

First they killed all the lawyers,
and because I wasn't a lawyer
I said nothing.

Then they killed all the politicians,
and because I wasn't a politician
I said nothing.

Then they killed all the lobbyists,
and because I wasn't a lobbyist
I said nothing.

Then they killed all the influence peddlers,
the partisan hacks, the publicity whores,
the vote tamperers, the war profiteers,

The corporate shills, the spin doctors,
the sophists, the hypocrites,
and I said nothing.

Actually, the world is a much nicer place now.

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