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2004 Presidential Election Satire

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Our own coverage of the 2004 Presidential campaign:

Exit Poll: How Bush Won on Key Issues

Bush Extends Hand to Those Who Voted Against Him

America's Thirst for Pointless Debate Has Not Been Quenched

Bush Declares Solid Anti-Slavery Position

Poll: How Undecided Are You?

Phrase Guide for the Republican National Convention

Rose Mary Woods Says She's Ashamed of Destroying Bush Military Records

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Book of the Month Club

President Bush's Terrorism Worksheet

2004 Election Postponed until 2008

Dick Cheney Could Be President

WWII Memorial Renamed Ronald Reagan Monument

The George W. Bush "Stay The Course" Bike Riding Game

Rumsfeld Apologizes for Apologizing

Kerry Warns Ketchup Prices Could Top $8 a Gallon

Clinton's Penis to Testify Before 9/11 Commission

Bush Unveils Specifics of Returning Control to Iraqis

The Redesigned Texas Flag

Spanish Elections Cause Karl Rove to Rethink Bush Campaign Strategy

Urinal Cake Supplier Gears Up for Spirited Presidential Election

Bush Administration Proposes Manufacturing Sector Retraining

Ralph Nader Requests Secret Service Protection

White House Releases Bush Military Records

Anyone But Bush Increases Lead Against Undecided

Rush Limbaugh Endorses Sara Lee Candidacy

Bush Wins Iowa Democratic Caucus

Blind, Deaf Outraged by Bush Metaphor

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