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Money Still Talks But Bullshit No Longer Walks

New York City, NY  |  In a stunning reversal, Bullshit has ended its long-standing policy of walking.

Reached for comment by bullshit journalists, a bullshit spokesman said, "At this point, it is unclear exactly what will do the walking from now on, but it definitely will not be Bullshit."

As a result, bullshit corporate executives everywhere are scrambling to cope with these unanticipated developments, as are bullshit accounting firms. A major restructuring effort is expected in coming weeks.

The effect on bullshit stock market analysts is, as yet, unknown.

Bullshit attorneys have also been forced to reevaluate their positions, although they expect a somewhat smoother transition. And bullshit politicians are expected to adapt immediately.

Bullshit, which has not yet decided to talk, was unavailable for comment.

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