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Tupperware Peddler Hijacks Botox Party

Carbondale, IL  |  An Illinois housewife, described as unscrupulous and disappointing by some of her friends, was forceably removed from her neighbor's "Botox party" for trying to turn it into her own Tupperware party.

Botox, deadly poisonous in large doses, has become increasingly popular among women - and some men - as a means to reduce wrinkles by injecting small amounts beneath the skin. The recent trend to bring a group of people together to receive the simple procedure at a clinic or private residence, has come to be known as a Botox party.

But on this occasion, 47 year old Patrice Fodermeyer tried unsuccessfully to use the captive audience to her own advantage by setting up a display table for her line of plastic storage products.

Fodermeyer freely admitted to the deception. "I don't see what's so wrong with having a good old fashioned Tupperware Party," she said after being escorted off the property by neighborhood security. "Anyway, everyone was just sitting around watching Oprah."

Acquaintances say Fodermeyer has become increasingly opportunistic since her husband was laid off from his job. They site similar incidents of Fodermeyer bringing AmWay merchandise to a Mary Kay convention, and smuggling Shaklee products into an Herbalife motivational retreat.

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