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Bin Laden Nudes Are Fake, Swiss Lab Says

High-tech analysis suggests photos published
in National Enquirer were Photoshopped

Lausanne, CH  |  The recent nude photographs reported to be of accused al-Q'aeda mastermind Osama bin Laden are not authentic, a Swiss research institute has said.

The Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence said it is 95 percent certain the photos do not feature the svelte, bronzed body of the long-absent terrorist sex symbol.

Bin Laden Nudes are Fake, Swiss Lab Says The review of the photos was commissioned by France-2 television and its findings were presented by the institute's Professor Herve Boulard in a special TV report.

He said the institute compared the photographs, first published in National Enquirer, with some 20 earlier images of bin Laden. While the beard was similar, there were noticeable differences in the naval and butt crack.

Boulard also insisted those definitely were not bin Laden's nipples.

U.S. experts maintain the photos will likely never be fully authenticated because their poor quality defy complete analysis by even the most current Photoshop version.

But experts who have seen them generally support the conclusion by U.S. law enforcement officials that they probably are of bin Laden sunning somewhere in the French Riviera, possibly St. Tropez.

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