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Twas the Night before Christmas

Fair Haven, VT  |  It was Christmas Eve. A heavier than usual snow was falling and I couldn't see very well. It was dark and the streets were slick.

But I was in a hurry. I guess I was doing about 40 when I heard the dull thud and saw the dog slide about twenty yards.

I stopped and walked over to where he was lying. I bent over and put my hand on his side. He looked up at me, tried to wag his tail a little, and then closed his eyes.

"Someone's not going to have a very merry Christmas this year," I thought to myself.

It was ridiculous to try and find the dog's owner. Besides, it was getting late and I had to keep moving.

I walked back to my sleigh, got in, called out the trite "On Dasher. On Dancer," and rode off to finish my rounds.

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